Friday, 18 April 2014

Friday Foodie #21

I decided that I should leave the linky running with the theme Easter so if you have any other recipes do pop over my other post and link up your Easter recipes.

My favourite recipe from last week was Jenny's Chocolate Easter Egg - PiƱata Cake:

Love how cute it looks and I might actually give it a try next year. This year as hubby is not home with us I have to say I am not really in the mood for Easter.


Now on with this week linky and theme - VEGETARIAN. There is also a competition you can enter if you blogged about your vegetarian recipe. Big prizes to be won too! 

If you are here for the first time then please read the rules of the linky:

  • Link up one or more recipes, old or new but keep with the theme as much as possible.
  • Visit one or two other entries(depending on how many recipes you linked too) on the list that you like the look of, pin to one of your own boards, and leave them a comment letting them know you came from here and leave your Pinterest ID and the hashtag #FridayFoodie;
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  • Every week a featured recipe will be chosen and the recipe will also be pinned to the Yummy Food Pinterest Board - featured by Pinterest and that currently has 2333 followers.
  • If you are lucky to be featured three times then you will be added as someone that can pin too to the Yummy Food Board.
  • Sometimes I also write a post round up with the recipes that have a specific theme so if you link up you might be lucky and your recipe will be found there too.
  • You can also display the linky badge on your blog but this is not mandatory. The badge can be found in the sideboard.

  • HAPPY EASTER and looking forward to see all your vegetarian recipes.

    Thursday, 17 April 2014

    Spring colours

    Spring is among us for sure and you can see it all around my garden. Spring bright colours is what I love about this time of the year.

    There is a lot of green in my garden and plus the lilac flower is out too:

    I am looking for the flowers to bloom. they smell and look really nice.

    Some more green around the garden....

    My mum has loads of flowers pots and some if them has really nice flowers:

    And to continue my obsession with yellow this spring I bought myself some yellow tulips. Aren't they lovely?

    Next to my real tulips stand proud some paper tulips made by my good friend Luminita:

    Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Wednesday, 16 April 2014

    How to decorate your home this Easter

    There are only a few days left until Easter but you still have time to decorate your home in bright colours if you already didn't do so. You can procure some of the items from shops but you can also make your own - coloured baskets, paper bowls, decorated eggs or candle eggs you can achieve them all.

    Make your own coloured basket - just colour with your favourite colour, in our case red, the bread basket you might have lying around your house. Fill it in with some green shredded paper and it's just ready for your eggs!

    Yellow is always good - continuing my obsession with yellow this spring I bought a yellow candle from my local supermarket last week. I love the fact that it looks like half cracked egg:

    Make your own paper bowls - you can do this by using different types of paper. I made a couple and I will tell you how i've done it in a future post. For the below bowl I used a small bowl and tissue paper:

    Buy some wooden eggs - already coloured or plain so that you can paint them on your own or just let your kids do it. I really like the really small ones.

    Decorate your own eggs or use them as mould for egg candles - using the egg blowing technique empty your eggs:

    How to blow an egg

    • Starting at the narrow end of the egg, gently pierce a hole through the shell and membrane with a straight pin
    • Turn the egg over and pierce a hole through the wider end of the egg.  Move the pin around to be sure you break the membrane
    • Pressing your lips to the top of the egg, blow the insides of the raw egg out of the bottom / wider end of the egg into a bowl.
    Decorate using Scotch Magic Tape:

    You will need:  
    A glass 
    Eggs (either hard boiled or blown) 
    A tablespoon  
    Food colouring 
    Scissors (Adult/Children’s)
    Kitchen paper
    Scotch Magic Tap

    Steps to follow:

    • Take your blown eggs.  Cut pieces of Scotch Magic Tape into different shaped triangles and place them securely on the egg.  (Tip: try to eliminate all air bubbles under the tape to ensure the dye does not leak through and spoil your design).
    • Mix half a cup of water with two tablespoons of vinegar. The vinegar will ensure the dye successfully stains the eggshell.
    • Add your chosen shade of dye until the water is a strong colour.
    • Place the egg in the coloured water. The egg might float so place a spoon on top to prevent this. Leave the egg to dye for one hour. The longer the eggs are left in the solution, the darker the pattern will appear.
    • Remove the egg with a spoon.
    • Gently pat the egg dry with kitchen paper and remove any excess dye to create a speckled effect.
    • Peel off the Scotch Magic Tape to reveal the undyed egg.
    • And there you have your decorated egg, ready to display in an egg cup!
    For a video tutorial watch Maggy on You Tube

    Make your own candle eggs using Red Ted Art technique:

    Don't forget the flowers - In my eyes spring means flowers so this is why I make sure that I have always some flowers that make my home more beautiful:

    Do you celebrate Easter and decorate your home? If so I would love to hear how and your tips too!

    Happy Easter!

    Monday, 14 April 2014

    Parenting #PinItParty #48

    Happy Monday everybody! The sun is out here and it looks like it's going to be a good day! There is less than a week to Easter so may God bless you and your family!

    This week the #PinItParty is hosted by Cass over at Frugal Family and as always her choices are frugal yummy desserts just great for this Easter!

    Pop over her blog and check out the favourites and all the rest of the frugal tips she has for all of you!

    The Diary of a Frugal Family

    If it is the first time you are joining in with the #PinItParty then please read the following rules:

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    • Link back if you wish to do so by adding the badge of the host.(can be found on the sidebar)

    If you forget about things like I do and would like to be reminded that is time to link up with the #PinItParty then please subscribe below and we promise that we will only send you reminders for the linky only:


    That's it lovelies! Looking forward to see all your entries this week!


    Also if you have any recipes for Easter please consider to link up with my #FridayFoodie round up too - Friday Foodie Easter Edition

    Saturday, 12 April 2014

    Expressions - "Phone conversation"

    Ever since she was a baby Kara was very expressive. Her grimaces used to bring us tears of laugh in our eyes! There was no surprise when her sister proved to be as expressive as she is!

    So when I heard about my fellow friend and blogger Helen new photo linky Expressions I knew that is one I really need to join in with!

    Today I have some pictures with my youngest - Anastasia who although she is still recovering after her illness and time in hospital still manages to play and make me smile. Hope it will make you smile too:

    Friday Foodie #20

    Firstly please accept my apologise for not delivering this post yesterday when it was suppose to be published. Anastasia is still not very well and we went for another trip to the local paediatrician

    But today I am here and I have to say thank you to all that linked up their recipes last week. Although I didn't promote the linky we still had a few entries. My favourite from last week and the one recipe that fitted the theme is the Spinach Roulade from the one and only Life is delicious:

    Spinach Roulade Easter Recipe

    Friday, 11 April 2014

    Siblings - April #4

    While I was preparing their breakfast this morning this is how I found my girls at my return to the living room:

    Wednesday, 9 April 2014

    In hospital...

    Last Saturday started with us rushing to the hospital as you had stream of blood in your poo poo. My heart was pounding but despite your strange nappy you were still happy, smiling and a chatter box.

    The wait at the hospital was short but felt so long....for me...and for you because you just wanted to go and walk around and explore...

    As soon as the doctor came in you started to cry. And I started too. You hate people dressed in white I know. She said you are dehydrated and then wanted to see the dirty nappy I had in a bag...Her reaction...Why couldn't she control it? She looked scared and then said:

    "You need to go to the Hospital for Infectious Diseases right away! Do you want an ambulance or you can drive?"

    I felt like I am going to faint..and between that and your crying...the rest of the doctor words were like a mumble...I couldn't understand what she was saying and why she wanted to take you so far away? My dad spoke to her in the end and soon we left home to prepare for the next hospital visit.

    Thursday, 3 April 2014

    Friday Foodie #19

    Last week saw the comeback of #FridayFoodie. Some of you were really happy and also linked recipes. Thank you so much. 

    Today I am bringing the linky back again but this time with a theme. But firstly i need to share with you my favourite recipe from last week:

    Mummy Constant and her beautiful Spring Time Cupcakes:

    Spring time cupcakes #recipe

    Saying goodbye is the hardest thing....

    It's almost a week since you left again.

    As soon as I get used to you being here and with me you have to go. 

    Although I know this is something that we need to do...I still feel inconsolably sad when you go.

    The moments when I miss you the most is when the girls need me both at the same time and when they go to sleep. Then I find myself alone, in the living room...usually keeping my dear laptop in my arms. Some days we talk some days we don't. 

    Although is not that late yet and our eldest is still not in bed thinking of how alone I will feel makes me share a tear. 

    I can only share a tear when nobody sees me....i don't want the girls to see me that I am sad. I need to be strong and happy for them.

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