Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Do you love mummy?

I was very happy to come home early tonight! I was even more happy to hug and kiss my lovely daughter!

I gave her a really big HUG and told her:
"Kara mummy loves you very much!"
And then she just looked at me...
You see she usually says:
"Love you too!"
Because she didn't I went on and asked her:
"Kara do you love mummy?"
But Kara said looking at me strangely:
To which I asked "Why not then?"
Kara:"Ah.....I want sweets!"

You see we've been trying to keep her off sweets and give to her only as a reward for being a good girl. I guess for a two year old LOVE is measured in the amount of sweets she receives from her mummy!
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