Sunday, 10 March 2013

London,concerts and my love for music

I so miss going to concerts! Last concert I've been to was...almost 3 years ago with my sister. Oh my God I remember it like it was yesterday though. We were both very excited to see Robbie singing with Take That!
We really enjoy it although the crowd of women went all crazy at the concert. It took us ages to come out of Wembley and our feet were way sore as we stood up all the time while there.
That's the cool thing about being in London actually. It is so easy to see your favourite artists in concert. Since I came to London I've been to quite a lot of concerts: Lenny Kravitz, Prince, The Who, Evanescence, Pet Shop Boys, Take That. I did miss Tina Turner in 2009 and Robbie Williams last year because I was heavily pregnant both times. I might still have a chance to see Robbie again but it was Tina Turner last concert. Bummer!

In may we are going to Romania so I would love to go to another concert before then.
So I went to visit StubHub for Pink tickets. I would just love to go and see Pink. I emailed my sister and see if she could make it on that date. She lives in Romania and working so the only day she could make it is the 27th of April. I know it will be hard for her especially because its around Easter and the plane tickets will be expensive but I'm really hoping she can make it. Hubby will never come with me so she is my only chance.
I remember how the both of us use to go out in the clubs in Bucharest and every time a Pink song came up we would go on the dance floor and boogie.
I love her voice and her music. I relate to quite a lot of her songs too.
My favourite Pink song of all time is this:

It's just the perfect song to dance and start a party isn't t?
Do you enjoy going to concerts? What's your favourite artist? And if my sister can't make it would you come with me to the Pink concert?
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