Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Finding work in the UK

Moving from another country is stressful enough in itself, but then there is the aspect of finding work. Workingmums.co.uk is a great site, giving advice on finding the perfect job, both full and part time, to suit your needs.
Finding a site to help mums from a foreign country feel comfortable in the UK, and offer help and support from others can be rather difficult.

There are a range of websites to join when looking for job advice and support, which is great if you need a bit of support from other mums. Getting back into work after you’ve had a baby can be difficult but these type of sites offer advice on training and which employers are flexible. It helps women relate to other women who are nervous about having their first baby, but also the stress of finding work once they arrive and the anxiety surrounding this.

Finding a job in itself is stressful. But there are many positives to women coming from afar to find work. For a start, they forget that they have a native tongue, which many jobs thrive for. To be able to speak two languages is a massive plus when finding a job in the UK, especially as it is a multi-cultural country. With this as a starting point, it gives you an up on other people applying who may not have this skill. Thinking in a more positive light and concentrating on the skills you do have will get you those interviews, and possibly the jobs. Focusing on these qualities when applying will help push you forward.

Take a look at working mums for part time jobs and the subjects surrounding different types of work; it makes it feel less like a chore when looking for work, or discussing the work you already have whilst dealing with day to day life and looking after your children.

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