Thursday, 18 July 2013

To buy or not to buy a baby walker?

Anastasia is now almost 8 months old and she started to be very active. She is not crawling as such but she is getting around by rolling, shuffling or moving backwards on her belly. She also like to stand a lot and for her age she is quite stabile on her legs. When we try to sit her on her bum she always pushes on her legs first. Very often she gets quite upset for not letting stand.
My mum says that she might never crawl. She could very well start walking straight away. I never heard of that before and my first baby crawl for ages before she finally started walking quite late at 16 months old.
Mum proposed that we should buy a walker for Anastasia but i think she is a bit too young for one.
From Kara we have a Vtech baby walker with colours suitable for boys and girls and i am thinking to buy a pink girly one and a different brand.

However i am thinking that if we let Anastasia to use a baby walker then she will walk late too like her sister. Not that i am in a hurry.

So today  while browsing the internet we came across K and  This is a great website where besides baby walker ranges you can find all you need for you little one, yourself and your home. I already have my eyes on on some really nice looking curtains and a very cute duvet set.

Now i really don't know what to buy so i decided to ask you my readers to tell me. Maybe you already used one of them with your children so i will trust your opinion more than anything else.

What do you think? Do you have any word of advice for me? Should i buy a new and shiny pinky walker for Anastasia or just let her crawl and walk in her own time?

Disclosure: This is a post written in collaboration with K and Co.

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