Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My dream kitchen is almost here

I love spending time in my kitchen. My kitchen is my safe place - the place i feel relaxed and content, the place i can leave my mind to explore foods and create new recipes.

I dream big….at a cream and shiny kitchen like you see in magazines but unfortunately our house and kitchen are not as big.

If you want you can check my Pinterest Board called Kitchen Designs and you will understand what i mean.


At the moment however we are expecting for a new kitchen to be fit in - the actual furniture and so on. This is a bit weird because i am used to being in my safe space and i feel a bit lost without being able to organise everything.

You know what i refer to i am sure - cutlery, cereal boxes, condiments, cups and glasses etc… Now they are all in boxes and i have a small and wobbly little table on which i am scared to put anything too heavy.

Thankfully though this is not what all my kitchen contains. We also have a very cool Whirpool dishwasher where i can at least wash the cups and cutlery that we use as a family as we still need to buy and install a sink; a very old washing machine which still works but i would very much like to replace with a new silentios direct drive washing machine; an electric oven and a hob but they are still unusable as there is no furniture to put them on; an awesome big american fridge freezers - i love it as it is just perfect for my family. I can store everything i want in it and the freezer is not in an awkward position.

Plus my 4 year old can very well help herself with a lolly if i happen to be busy breastfeeding her 8 month old sister.
Another feature that my daughter loves is the water dispenser which again she can use all by herself.
I believe that this fridge freezer is the best buy until now and if you fancy buying one you can find lots at Argos. Ours is a Silver Samsung but they have black and white too. The best thing about Argos is the fact that as a mum you can order what you need online and they can arrive straight at your door. And believe me when you are a mum of two kids under 5 without a driving licence home delivery is a must.
Sometimes i get upset i don’t have a driving licence but to tell you the truth life is so much more relaxing if you are not driving through rush hour. Instead you can just relax with a cup of tea waiting for the bell to ring and your delivery.

I am getting excited at the prospect that very soon (hopefully as these days you never know) my kitchen will be all done and then i can be happy and relaxed again. My daughter is asking for cupcakes and cookies, my hubby for his favourite curry but at the moment i can’t make anybody hubby. This blog is missing the food content at the moment don’t you think? And how i love sharing my recipes with you.

Where do you feel safe in your own home? What is your favourite room and where do you go when you want to be with yourself and relax?

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Argos.
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