Thursday, 17 October 2013

No time to relax

Solo parenting most of the time it means that i never get to do things for myself while i am with the kids during the day. And believe me i tried. Unless they are asleep i can’t even have a shower. My 4 year old is more understanding as she is old enough to do things for herself and play by herself. But...that doesn’t mean that she will not just come in the bathroom to ask questions if she needs to. Do i tell her off for that or should i just wait for her to get old enough to understand?

With my 10 month old is just impossible...even if she is in the highchair i need to bring her in the bathroom with me and even then she moans. I might be a softie but i prefer to have her there than be scared that she will rock so much in the highchair that she will fall. But showering like that doesn’t happen often anyway. I usually take a shower when i put her to sleep for her morning nap.
I also try to cook or epilate myself when the kids are around...If i cook my 4 year old wants to help me and my 10 months old wants to be held. So yeah i end up cooking in the evening for next day when both of them are in bed. Well if there is something complicated to do. If it’s a simple pasta or sandwich then it is ok to do it when they are around.
If i epilate my 4 year old gets upset that i don’t want to let her do it for me...yeh i know! i just can’t see her little fingers holding an epilator! If i am only with the 10 month old...well she is just over me!
This is why i end up doing things when they are in bed in the evening which i know is not the best thing. Husband says i should just relax but things need doing. And when i manage to sit down and turn on the tv to watch some of my favourite programs then my husband comes online to chat or i remember that there is something i need to do online like paying bills, looking for presents for Christmas or just chatting with my friends on Facebook.
Last night for example i was watching a movie called “The kiss of death” or something like that one of my friends contacted me on facebook so i turn on the laptop too and chatted to her almost all way through the movie. Isn’t that crazy?
Actually it’s not! According to a survey apparently 50% of women use a second device while watching TV.
Well if i remember all the times when i was watching X Factor or The Voice and i was on twitter and facebook all at the same time chatting and updating my status with my impressions about the shows.
My husband sometimes use to say: “Oh come on woman! Are you watching this or you stay on the phone? As if you are not bothered i can at least watch something decent!”
He didn’t really like it when i was saying:
“But...i am still watching that!”
Bless him! He just doesn’t like programs like that.

How about you? Are you one of the women that uses a second device while watching TV? I sometimes end up just forgetting to watch TV.

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Ladbrokes 
but all opinions are my own.
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