Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Foodie #9

Welcome to the 9th week of Friday Foodie!

I had a bit of a terrible week health wise so i can't believe tomorrow it is saturday and i didn't manage to do half of the things i was hoping.

But the weekend hopefully will be a good one. I have a surprise for Kara tomorrow and my sister might come this weekend at home so the prospects are good.

Coming back to Friday Foodie i am delighted to tell you that the featured recipe this week is from the one and only Annie - Mammasaurus:

Her salad looks simply beautiful. A bean salad i could eat at any given time - i can just imagine how nice it tastes - the crunchiness and sweetness of the beans with red onion and cherry tomatoes. YUM!

I loved all the entries from last week though and salad is something that i need to make more often for my family for sure.


Now this week theme is BREAD - and if you have blogged about it then i invite you to link up. Bread is not one of my strongest points and most of the time i avoid making it but i am hoping that some nice recipes will be linked up.

Inspiration board:

Follow Otilia Stocks Bread on Pinterest


Before linking up have a read of the rules:

- keep with the theme although the theme can be interpreted;
- link up one or more recipes that fit in with the theme;
- if you link up one recipe then be nice and visit one entry or more and comment and share over social media - Twitter,Facebook, Pinterest  etc.;
- Pin at least one other recipe that was linked up to the linky and let the owner of the recipe know by commenting on their post or by tagging them on Pinterest;
-- the host - Me - will be commenting on all the entries and sharing the entries on Pinterest, Facebook, Google + , Twitter etc.

If you want you can also be part of the Facebook group -  For the love of food. If you would like to join and and know foodie things then all you need to do is to ask and we will invite you to the group too.

If you love us and you would like to support the linky then you can even add the badge. It can be found it the right side bar. Please note that this is not obligatory but if you have the badge of another link in your post it will be nice to add the badge of this link too.

Have a lovely weekend! Looking forward to see your recipes!

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